My Vision as Commissioner of Public Lands

We are blessed in Washington State with productive farmlands, majestic mountains, beautiful forests, rivers and coastlines that sustain and inspire. However, due to climate change and an ever growing population, what we love most about our state is now threatened. How we manage and care for Washington’s public lands and waterways will shape how we mitigate climate change, protect our air, water and food sources, and safeguard our timber, shellfish, and agricultural economies. Our next Commissioner of Public Lands must be a steward for conservation, a voice for economic justice, a partner for rural, economic strength, and an advocate for clean energy jobs.

Effective leadership of the Department of Natural Resources requires dynamic, data-driven strategies to confront major trends both global and local: increased fires and a forest health crisis made worse by climate change; threats to Puget Sound, Hood Canal, and the coast that impact fisheries and shellfish health; increased pressures on range and farm lands as drought, recreation needs, renewable energy, and sprawl place pressure on traditional uses.

With your support, I will bring to this job a lifelong connection to the people and places of this state and the visions and values we need to safeguard our environment and our local economies!