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Funding for wildfire

Commissioner of public lands, Hilary Franz, joins Take 5 to talk about wildfire safety and funding. We have 5 tips for wildfire season.

Yakima Herald
Editorial: Dedicated state funding to prevent and fight wildfires is essential

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, and so it was that the state’s commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz, took to Twitter recently in a bid to do whatever it takes to make sure that Washington will have enough resources on hand to prevent and suppress wildfires this summer and in tinder-dry years to come.

The Stranger
The Wildfire Solution That Could Also Help Our Affordable Housing Crisis

Hilary Franz, the current commissioner of the Washington Department of Natural Resources, watched the Carlton Complex Fire, a 2014 firestorm that cost Washington around $98 million in damages, tear through canyons. It moved quickly, eating up forest and spitting out smoke. The blaze was unfathomably huge—a “crown” fire, a type of fire where the flames licked … READ MORE

The Seattle Times
Challenge the new normal and dedicate funding to innovative ways to reduce wildfires

Are big wildfire seasons and the acrid smoke that chokes our communities the new normal? It’s a question we heard last summer, when smoke blanketed our communities and Washington’s air quality was the worst in the world. We heard it when our firefighters responded to 1,850 wildfires in 2018 — a record number.

Seattle PI
A fire budget to keep Washington from burning

The state’s fire season is off to an extraordinarily early start, thanks to the second driest March on record. It has prompted State Senate Democrats and Stand Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz to propose a $62.5 million a year program of fire prevention and suppression.