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Hilary Franz’s Pacific Northwest roots run deep. Her grandparents were cattle ranchers on a farm in Pierce County, a stone’s throw from the Tacoma Mall. She and her sister were raised by a single father, a public servant who took great pride in serving his community. Every morning at 4 am, he would take her and her sister to the ice skating rink to teach the importance of hard work, discipline, and determination.


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Congressman Derek Kilmer and Former Congressman Norm Dicks Urge Voters to Reject Record-Setting Super PAC Spending by Voting for Hilary Franz

Tacoma, Washington – Today, Congressman Derek Kilmer and former Congressman Norm Dicks released the following statement regarding an announced $1.4 million Super PAC investment in the Sixth Congressional District: “We’re appalled by record Super PAC spending by ‘Protect Progress’, which is largely funded by out-of-state millionaires and donors, set to flood the TV airwaves in our region. The […]


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MAGA-Donor Funded Cryptocurrency Super PAC Spends $1.4 Million in Support of Emily Randall

Tacoma, Washington – Today, after a cryptocurrency Super PAC primarily funded by Trump donors bought $1.4 million in TV and digital ads in Washington’s Sixth District, Eve Zhurbinskiy, Campaign Manager for Hilary Franz for Congress, released the following statement: “Elections should be decided by the people – not outside MAGA-funded Super PACs seeking to buy members […]


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The Seattle Times Endorses Hilary Franz for Congress

The Seattle Times editorial board recommends: Hilary Franz for the 6th Congressional District In Washington state, the Legislature’s reactionary strategy to wildfires was to cut a yearly check after they were put out. Instead, state Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz spearheaded a visionary plan to prevent fires altogether — and to equip her agency […]


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Breaking News: Seattle Times Endorses Hilary for Her Bipartisan Leadership
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