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Hilary Franz Calls on Emily Randall to Disavow Out-of-State, Big Polluter Super PAC Preparing to Spend on Randall’s Behalf

Apr 23, 2024

Tacoma, Washington – Today, Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz is calling on her Democratic opponent to disavow an effort by big polluters to form a dark money Super PAC to oppose Franz. Big polluters have been soliciting money for an anti-Franz independent expenditure because she banned harmful, toxic net pens from Washington’s waters.

Franz’s bold action protected waters in Puget Sound and across the Sixth Congressional District, leading to the removal of net pens off of Bainbridge Island and in Port Angeles Harbor.

“Big, out-of-state polluters are starting a Super PAC to attack me because they know I’m the only candidate who can be counted on to protect our waters, salmon, and orcas,” Franz said. “I’m calling on my Democratic opponent to disavow the polluter dark money that is coming into the race to benefit her and to stand against toxic net pens. Washington voters deserve better than interference in our primaries by out-of-state polluters.”

As a reminder – this is what net pens look like:

Photo from the Cypress Island net pen collapse, which released more than 260,000 Atlantic salmon into Puget Sound. Credit: Wild Fish Conservancy

In recognition of her efforts to ban net pens and protect our salmon and orcas, Franz has earned the support of 13 Tribes – 13 times more than both of her opponents combined. Now, polluters are attempting to stop her from taking her leadership to Congress.

In stark contrast, State Sen. Emily Randall has not stated her support for Franz’s net pen ban. The Franz campaign calls on Randall to join us in protecting our waters by disavowing this polluter Super PAC and stating clearly that she does not believe net pens should be returned to our waters. The future of our orcas and salmon depend on it.

About Hilary Franz

Franz’s roots in the Sixth District run deep – she grew up spending time and working on her grandparents’ farm near the Tacoma Mall, where they first settled in 1938. She lives in Grays Harbor County, raised her three boys in Kitsap County, and has a long history of public service in the district. Prior to serving as Lands Commissioner, Franz served on the Bainbridge Island City Council from 2008-2011, where she secured significant federal investments in transportation infrastructure, developed affordable housing policies, secured protections on critical fish and wildlife habitat, and launched a nationally recognized energy efficiency program.


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