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Abortion Rights

The Supreme Court’s extreme decision to overturn Roe v. Wade threatens the freedom, safety, and dignity of women across America. When Hilary marched in Washington, DC for abortion rights as a college student, she never expected that the young women of today would have fewer rights to bodily autonomy than her generation.

As an elected official, Hilary has been an outspoken advocate on behalf of abortion rights and reproductive rights. The mother of three sons, Hilary knows that nothing is more fundamental than the right to choose when to start or grow a family. Now more than ever, we must stand up for our privacy and reproductive rights. The stakes couldn’t be higher in this election.

In Congress, Hilary will work tirelessly to secure and defend reproductive rights, including fighting to restore federal protections for abortion rights, defending access to medication abortion, and working to protect and increase health care services in our rural communities. She will work to end bans on insurance coverage for abortion and safeguard taxpayer dollars by preventing the subsidization of fake clinics that exist to mislead patients seeking abortion care.

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