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Environment and Climate

As our State Lands Chief, Hilary is the only candidate in this race who is on the frontlines of a rapidly changing climate. She sees first-hand the devastation to lives, property, and the environment caused by increasing wildfires and dying forests. She knows the impacts of rising sea levels and persistent flooding to communities, ports, and maritime industry infrastructure. She knows how drought is harming our food production, critical water resources, and the agricultural economy across the district. And to all of these, she has responded.

In the fight against climate change, Hilary knows we must expand clean energy development and reduce carbon emissions. While on the Bainbridge Island City Council, she led the development of a nationally recognized energy efficiency program. As Commissioner of Public Lands, she authorized the first-ever solar power developments on public lands and expanded wind power generation, part of her commitment to reach 1,000MW of clean energy generated on public lands by 2025. Prior to being Commissioner, she worked to secure the largest investment in transit and bicycle/pedestrian transportation, helping reduce Washington’s largest carbon emissions. And she has secured major investments in new innovative technologies that are reducing carbon emissions and creating good paying jobs.

As leader of our state’s wildfire fighting force, Hilary transformed how we fight fires. She prioritized initial attack – getting on fires quickly – and secured $500 million from the legislature to rapidly expand and modernize our force: growing the air fleet from eight Vietnam War-era helicopters to 40 aircraft; hiring over 100 wildland firefighters; and increasing equipment, training, and funding to local fire districts that are on the front lines. As a result, in the last few years, even as we saw an increasing number of fires, 95% of wildfires were kept to 10 acres or less. In recognition of her tireless efforts, she is supported by local firefighter unions throughout the district and beyond, and the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters named and awarded Hilary as an Honorary Firefighter.

In order to save our forests, Hilary brought together stakeholders to develop the state’s first Forest Health Strategic Plan, a bold strategy to restore the health of 1.25 million acres of forests in 20 years in order to save them from wildfire, disease, drought, and insect infestation. As a result of her leadership, 600,000 acres of forests have been restored to health and Washington is on track to restore 1.25 million acres in 10 years, not 20. Washington is now a national leader when it comes to both wildfire response and forest health restoration. She also developed the state’s first Plan for Climate Resilience, which outlines actions the state can take to ensure it is prepared for, and adapting to, climate change.

Hilary has also been a champion of our forests, farmlands and critical fish and wildlife habitat. As an environmental attorney, she secured critical legal victories in the state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals for our environment. As Lands Chief, she has protected over 150,000 acres of forest lands, expanded natural habitat conservation areas, prevented the loss of thousands of acres of valuable agricultural lands, and launched a first-in-the-nation Carbon Project to conserve 10,000 acres of high-ecological value forest.

Throughout the state and In the Sixth Congressional District, she has protected tens of thousands of acres of high value ecological areas, including over a thousand acres of older forests, wetlands and salmon bearing streams in Kitsap County, expanding the Kennedy Creek Natural Area in Mason County, expanding by over 1,500 acres the Devils Lake Natural Area and the Dabob Bay Natural Area in Jefferson County, and conserving 2,100 acres in Dewatto Headwaters in the Kitsap Peninsula, forever protecting this irreplaceable ecosystem.

In Congress, Hilary will continue to be a champion and leader for climate resilience solutions, carbon sequestration initiatives, and the protection of our sacred lands and waters. She will also continue the fight to pass the Wild Olympics Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, introduced by Congressman Kilmer, that will permanently protect more than 126,000 acres of public land.

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