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We are in a housing crisis. High rent and home prices are impacting families in big cities like Tacoma and Bremerton and rural communities along the Peninsula. And housing instability is a reality for far too many.

Hilary knows what it’s like to not have a place to call home. As a child, there were times when she had to couch-surf among friends and family. She understands deeply that having a home is a fundamental right and is committed to ensuring everyone has access to safe and secure housing.

She has passed innovative affordable housing policies at the local and state level. As State Lands Chief, Hilary introduced and prioritized the development of housing on public lands. The Department of Natural Resources is partnering with housing providers and local governments throughout the state and in the Sixth Congressional District, in Tacoma, Silverdale, Forks and Aberdeen, to build affordable housing and workforce housing on state lands for the first time in state history. And she worked with the state legislature to pass critical legislation to make this possible, cutting red tape and making it easier and more affordable to build housing.

Hilary will bring this creative, solutions-oriented approach to Congress to fight for additional federal investments to solve our housing crisis and ensure everyone has a safe place to call home.

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