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Last Updated July 19, 2024

Likely Democratic primary voters, especially those in Kitsap and Pierce Counties, need to know in all mediums, including social media, direct mail, OTT/CTV, and linear TV that:

Democrat Hilary Franz understands the threat posed by Trump and MAGA Republicans and is ready to take them on. Franz has won tough fights and is ready to beat back MAGA extremism in Congress to defend abortion rights and take on the climate crisis.

  • Hilary Franz has been a lifelong advocate for reproductive rights. She says Donald Trump and MAGA extremists are responsible for overturning Roe versus Wade. Franz will fight against MAGA extremists to stop a national abortion ban. That’s why she’s endorsed by pro-choice leaders.
  • As Commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz fought wildfires, floods, and sea level rise—all impacts of climate change. She expanded solar and wind power, defended orca and salmon habitat, and protected thousands of acres of forest. Franz will be a champion of climate action in Congress.

Additional resources:

  • Photo Stills
  • Please note that Franz is endorsed by 12 Tribes and supported by five Tribes, for a total of 17 of Washington’s 29 federally-recognized Tribes supporting her campaign. When talking about Franz’s tribal backing, “support” is the more inclusive term.
  • Franz is endorsed by The Seattle Times, over 40 labor unions, including firefighters and first responders, as well as Tribes and pro-choice groups. 
  • Please see here for guidance on which of Franz’s Tribal supporters are in-district, and quotes about why she is the candidate they trust to protect our lands and waters.
    • Note: Since this release, two additional in-district Tribes are supporting our campaign, for a total of 17 Tribes.

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