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Supporting Our Veterans & Military Families

Hilary knows we have a sacred duty to always be there for those who have served. In our community, we have a rich tradition of service – more than 11% of residents are veterans, a rate nearly double that of the American population as a whole.

We also have nearly 15,000 active duty servicemembers and their families who call our district home. Not only do they do the honorable work of protecting our nation, but they are a vital local economic engine.

In Congress, Hilary will fight for higher pay for active duty military, more resources for our veteran and military families, work to ensure that the VA provides high-quality care and oppose all efforts to privatize it, and do everything in her power to move homeless veterans into housing. She knows that military spouses make tremendous sacrifices, and she will prioritize ensuring that every military spouse who wants to is able to continue to work right here in our area.

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